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Alternative Therapies » Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing

It is one of the most sacred duties towards our body, our energy, our environment. Even the most rejuvenating, fresh energy cannot survive in a toxic environment, either internal or external. Cleanliness comes from the respect we show the things that belong to us, as well as to those that do not. This may not make much sense but consider this: even a single bad thought for your fellow humans, might strike like lightning. That very thought and energy you send over, “steals” a little bit of you as well. For it needs energy to travel - force. The same force that contaminates you. I can tell you with confidence, that out of the two people involved in the situation, the biggest loser is you.

You might now have a better understanding of what I mean by the word respect. It is not enough to just follow external techniques to establish a clean environment; you also have to have internal discipline that will help you choose the wisest attitude towards life, on a daily basis. This is part of your own self-awareness, but there are other factors you cannot control, such as people full of negativity, without conscience, people whose violent energy plays an integral part in their lives. As a result, you might experience a form of invasion that might cause you to fall ill. Even spaces have accumulated negative energy either by an entity that moves inside them, or by negative thoughts or curse binding and many others that you might not be responsible for, yet you are still susceptive to their negative influence.

Sometimes it seems that we are not able to escape certain situations, even though we know it is not our fault. I have a personal experience I am willing to share with you, to show you how deep and seemingly irrational certain events can look like. There have always been difficulties with the relationships in my family. I researched and tried out techniques for several years, trying to make sense of it all. When I became involved in shamanism, I discovered the cleansing of the genealogical tree. Gradually, I got to my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was a lovely man, but when his first wife -whom he adored- died from tuberculosis, he cursed life. His emotional pain was so intense, that he inadvertently influenced the entire family. He remarried and had children, and judging from the information I gathered from my relatives, it looks like the second marriage was a good relationship. However, he never healed from the love and loss of his first spouse. He died from cancer that started from the lower lip, which says a lot. When I started with the cleansing, everything changed for the better, at least in my life, and redemption finally came.

When we talk about cleansing and purging, the range is huge. You may need to get cleaned from a feeling (e.g. anger). It will be necessary to follow a program that will include cleansing exercises that pertain to emotions, a special diet and mental relaxation. If we’re looking to get good results, we need to deal with everything as a whole. We might cleanse our energy centres in a single session, but we usually need to examine what’s blocking our energy, what centre and why.

The same applies to our home which we need to realize is a living organism, that can be happy, ill, or angry. It absorbs the feelings of the people in its environment that create common thoughtforms, which it then sends back. Now just imagine, how many residents have lived in your apartment before you? You may encounter a thoughtform that may have been in your apartment, house, estate, which might not be positively charged and will most certainly attack you.

Everything around us is energy, everything vibrates. It is important to live life in harmony, knowing the means to cleanse and keep the whole range of what we are, clean. The various types of sessions, as well as the right personal choices, can bring substantial results.

Depending on each individual case, energy cleansing can be achieved with:


Fossil oils/Mineral oils

Fossil/Mineral tinctures




Essential oils 

and various other materials

Energy Cleansing
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