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Massage » Shiatsu


"Shi" means "finger" and "atsu" means "pressure". Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese treatment method. This method utilizes a variety of techniques, including massage, stretching and specific pressure points. Shiatsu is one of the best methods to ensure maximum well-being, impacting on body, mind and spirit.

According to traditional eastern medicine, on which shiatsu is based; energy points of the body form a network of canals where the vital energy, known as chi, flows.

Meridians separate into two intertwined patterns, known as yin and yang. According to eastern concept, health lies in finding the balance between these two forces, which are considered to govern life throughout the universe.

In cases of tension and disease - from psychological, physical or environmental causes - the yin-yang lose their balance and the energy flowing in the meridians is either incomplete or excessive. Shiatsu seeks to harmonize the yin and the yang, by restoring the natural balance and health.

A therapist would take history from the client on health problems, which they probably worry them during the present period of their life, as well as information regarding older diseases and the way they deal with them in their everyday life. The therapist uses fingers - mostly the thumb - palms, elbows and even the knees to press each point and inspect the problematic meridians. Clients are either lying during sessions, or seated on a mattress, wearing comfortable clothes.

Shiatsu strengthens the immune system and self-medication. It operates on a psychosomatic level. It helps balance the emotions, improves concentration and sleep, while soothing stress and emotions. It offers deep relaxation and relieves from tension. It, also, strengthens the reproductive system of both woman and man.

Shiatsu Practices

Everyone can benefit from shiatsu, despite age or physical condition. Shiatsu is used to increase vitality, as well as to prevent and cure health problems. Among the problems it helps heal, are:

Pain and tension of any type and cause – headaches – waist pains – muscle tension, backaches, fatigue and frailty – cramps – stiffness and joint pains – rheumatism disorder – sports injuries

Weak circulation – cold limbs – enlarged veins – limb swelling and puffiness



Gynecological problems

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