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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Massage » Therapeuting Massaging

Therapeuting Massaging

Massaging is considered to be the oldest and most well-known method of treatment used by man, in trying to cope with the pain and also, to stimulate our energy. It’s also used as a method of prevention.

In regards to this technique - as old as it is - we have added knowledge in order to get the best results possible, with any musculoskeletal pain we need to tackle. We can combine finger pressure onto points that release pain, a Thai ceramic container that warms the muscles up, so that we can work on them more efficiently, moxa, stretching, tapping, and many other methods. These techniques come together in combinations unique to every client, according to the specified needs of each body.

Massaging is an effective natural, medicine-free method of dealing with recovery and various organic and musculoskeletal disorders, while promoting the well-being and the maintenance of health.

The main goal of healing massage is to achieve the smooth and unrestricted flow of vital energy, so that people can enjoy its maximum capacity, while experiencing harmony on all our levels of existence.

Therapeuting Massaging
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