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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Massage » Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is carried out without using oils or other devices, the client just needs to wear comfortable, preferably cotton clothes. Most techniques applied, need the client to lie on a mat on the floor (on the belly, belly up or to the side), while with some other techniques, the client is in the seated position, on the floor.

Thai massage consists of pressure on specific points of the body, for the release and strengthening of the flow of energy in our internal organs, and by mild stretching, in order to relax the body and reduce tension and pain. It is holistic, which means it’s based on traditional therapeutic theories of the East, and therefore works with the whole body, from the toes up to the crown of the head in each session. It deals with the body as a whole, inseparable from feelings and the soul. 

Outside of any specific effects, we can achieve the following with Thai massage:

Relax from the irritable intensity, fatigue and muscle leg cramps. We tone our tendons, muscles and joints and make them more flexible. We stimulate the circulation of the blood and the lymph, activate the immune system and detoxify functions of the body. We improve our general physical condition and gain longevity.

Thai Massage
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