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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Alternative Therapies » Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy

The Spiritual Response Therapy or S. R. T is a method that investigates the use of the subliminal mind and our psychic (Akashic) records in depth, to locate and release the hidden, negative programs of our lives that prevent us from living a happy life. This method is based on the dialog with our Higher self.

The purpose of S. R. T is to restore man’s conscious contact with the divine in themselves and to harmonize every aspect of their existence. It subsequently contributes to our health, joy and intellectual development. What are the negative programs?

To fully understand the power that the subliminal programs have on us, we must understand the range of our life, which extends beyond this life, and includes previous and parallel lives. These programs may be incorrect beliefs, negative habits or dependencies, or cellular memory (DNA) from negative experiences that we had in previous lives. The energy from previous lives is transferred to this life and is often the cause of all our problems (finances, relationships, health). Why is it important to clean our negative programs?

With the guidance (response) of the Higher self and the use of special diagrams, you are able to clean programs, break shackles, and literally clear the negative, inconsistent action from your subliminal mind and psychic records, and replace it with positive energy. So, instead of being guided by subconscious beliefs and wishes you cannot comprehend, you have the opportunity to live with your maximum potential – the expression of your real yourself!

Cleansing results:

Better flow in all aspects of everyday life.

With the cancellation of inhibitory programs emerges greater clarity and ability to concentrate, freedom, personal strength and integrity.
Exemption from fear, trauma, depression, confusion, anger, guilt.
Cleansing of the Karma that’s ready to be released.

An S. R. T session can easily and quickly give you a deeper understanding of a relationship and also get rid of past weight. This results in the harmonization and expansion of your interpersonal relations.

Fundamental understanding of the cause of a disease, which in turn allows you to be cured.

Exemption from all kinds of allergies.

Exemption from obstacles for abundance, prosperity and success.

Increased confidence, love and joy.

Cleansing of negative energy in your environment. 

The S. R. T. process takes about 2 hours, with impressive results. Your life is good as new, totally free from the negative influences - our own or others’ – that used to trap our unlimited potential. Life takes a brighter path! Experience and free your real potential!

Spiritual Response Therapy
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