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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Crystal Therapy » The history of Crystals

The history of Crystals

The power of the crystals is not something that is just now being researched. It is not a new age fashion. It is perhaps one of the most ancient forms of treatment, protection and offering.

Back in the Neolithic period, crystals and gemstones were found that have been used by the first people to help them survive that were transformed into blades, needles, arrows, lances and anything you can imagine.

They travelled quietly through the centuries and began transforming along with us, by substantially and silently providing us with their valuable assistance in our evolutionary path.

The first tools made of stone appeared 2 - 2.5 million years ago. It is estimated that approximately 300.000 years ago, the digging out of flint (used for tools) began. And that was the beginning of our common ground. They’ve been endlessly appearing in various, different tribes, in different forms and general ways of presence.

Let us travel through history:

Prehistoric period: charms and jewellery in graves

Ancient Egypt: A hieroglyphical papyrus from 2000 BC refers to a medical treatment using a crystal, as well as many texts from 1500 BC, that mentioned recipes with crystals.

Lapis Lazuli was a royal stone, often used in powder form, applied and rubbed on the top of the head. The ancient Egyptians believed that it sucked all spiritual impurities.

Pharaohs made the inside part of the crown out of malachite, because they had the belief that it would help them govern wisely. They used it in powder form to cure poor eyesight and to develop insight.

Many other crystals and gemstones were found in graves, including the carnelian, turquoise and the tiger eye which were used as charms.

The original colonizers of North, Central andSouth Americawidely used quartz crystals, as well as obsidian for their spiritual development and for their ceremonial and therapeutic purposes.

The Mayans used knives made of obsidian for rituals, and many other tribes used it to develop and also used it as a mirror. Additionally, the Mayan tribe used quartz crystal to reach a diagnosis and treat diseases. The Mexicans used mirror made off pyrite for practical and ceremonial purposes. In certain tribes ofMexico, there was the belief that the souls of those who experienced a life with virtue would be transferred into crystals. 

China and Japan

Balls out of quartz crystal were believed to represent the heart and substance of the dragon, which was a respectable title, since dragons in theFar Eaststood for wisdom.

Another gemstone that has a special connection with the east is the jade, which has been used extensively for the manufacturing of charms. It’s often outlined as the concentrated essence of love.

InTibet, it was believed that the turquoise connects the sky with the land and that it also represents the Divine.


Astrological documents have been found in India, written around 400 BC, that contain detailed comments on the strength of the various crystals and gemstones that balance the negative effects of inharmonious planetary positions.

 Ayurveda, one of the most ancient types of healing methods, extensively used crystals and gemstones in various ways, such as grated in cataplasm. A huge amount of material has also been found on the balancing of energy centres, with the use of fossil fuels.

The ruby holds a high position in Indian culture, as it’s called the king of precious stones.

The moonstone was believed to strengthen spirituality and the onyx was believed to release old ties.

After this quick history lesson in relation to the supply of crystals in ancient times, let's look at what’s happening now.

Today, crystals come to act more vigorously than ever before, as the bridge between the sky and the earth, the body and the soul, the darkest and the lightest side of us, what we were and what we will become.

They give their entirety to feed the vision our soul calls for, provide their energy as a remedy, so that each our needs may be fulfilled.

How helpful can they be? Immensely!

By balancing our energy system, our everyday life gradually mirrors our inner harmony.

Our energy centres are "instruments" intangible to the eye of someone ignorant, but very realistic to an insider that studies. Their function is infinitely important if we hope to keep our body healthy. Let's look at an example: a locked centre in the solar plex would make it difficult for us on a practical level to present our real selves, even if we deserve to. This will gradually create a strong, hidden anger inside. At the same time, we could experience discomfort in our body in various forms, such as problems in the digestive and excretory system.

Crystals and gemstones generally contribute to our health, since their energy is prominent as cause and effect at the same time.

Right now, crystal healing is one of the most holistic approaches for a human, because it helps with our personal and spiritual development.

Two different areas that need to be in balance, since we understand nowadays that health is a multi-faceted issue.

How often have we experienced stress with negative effects to our psychology? Our sleeping pattern? Our body? Our contact with the crystals may soothe the tension, as they absorb, spread evenly or completely transform any imbalance.

Crystals and gemstones can operate by providing independent support, as well as be additional assistants to regular treatments.

For example, if you break a bone, along with the treatment you will follow, it’d be excellent to wear fossils that nourish the bones, such as white calcite.

Even if you are not exactly aware of what that which we call crystal healing is, something led you to this website and urges to you read this text. Allow your intuition to guide you through a world filled with wisdom, knowledge and colours.

The history of Crystals
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