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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Crystal Therapy » Energy centers - Chakra

Energy centers - Chakra

Energy centers - Chakra

The word Chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel", because each energy centre is revolving, in order to attract or emit energy. Chakras can act as antennas that transfer our energy vibrations and bind us to what is happening in the environment, in nature and in the universe.

There are 7 main energy centres, 21 secondary, 49 secondary of the secondary and tons that are even smaller. The 7 main centres are joined to the vertebral column and are expressed on the front and back of the torso. The spine maintains the central energy channel, Sushumna. Around the 7 main centers, 2 more channels flow and intersect with Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. It is understood that the more conscious we are of our energy centres when working with them, the more they will strengthen over time. We need to observe, so as to understand which centre we have put into overdrive and which to sub-function, depending on the period in our lives, and subsequently, which form of quality is the one we get from the centre in overdrive and what is the cause of weakening of the centre which is restricted.

Chakras vibrate depending on the energy our system has. To maintain a healthy condition, we need a daily routine of meditation and breathing exercises that fuel our system with Chi and facilitate its flow in our whole body. To conclude this short introduction to such a huge issue, I would like for you to make sure that the image that you create in your mind isn’t just small spheres in various parts of the human body, but try and visualize all the centres joined together, one centre affecting the flow of all the others and energy flowing in our system, like a river with thousands of branches that come together again and again and create lakes and oceans.

Energy centers - Chakra
1st Energy centre – Muladhara

Meaning: Root, Base, Support

Colour: Red

Sense: Smell

Element: Earth

Vowel: Oh

Sound: LAM

Position: Base of the spine, in the coccygeal region

Matching parts of the body: Bones, teeth, claws, knees, spine, waist, kidneys, colon, sacral region, coccyx, urinary bladder, prostate gland, anus

Matching glands: Adrenal glad

Essential oils: Carnation, patchouli, nutmeg, cinnamon, red thyme, black pepper, ginger.

Positive Vision: Visualize a red, bright ray of sunshine rising and filling you with vitality.

Breathing exercise: Breathe slowly from your nose into your stomach. Hold your breath and twitch your sphincter as strongly as you can, 7 times. Relax and exhale from the mouth.

Gemstones: Garnet, hematite, black agate, onyx, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, obsidian, jasper

Precious stone: Ruby

This energy centre unites us with the natural world.

This is where our basic needs are expressed, such as the survival and the desire for life. It gives us the strength to accept our role on Earth and the power to put it into practice. The root chakra will support any decision in our life, from the material insurance, to our contact with kundalini energy. It gives us the courage to defend ourselves, to set goals, to endure and to achieve.

When our root centre malfunctions, we feel the need to conquer people, things and situations, without being able to discern if they are good for us. The dissonance of this centre causes difficulties in dealing with the everyday life and creates anger outbursts and violence, alternating with intense emotions of loneliness and loss.

The root centre stores the fears that have to do with various forms of death (bodily death, separation, rejection)

1st Energy centre – Muladhara
2nd Energy centre – Swadhisthana

Meaning: “Sweetness is my home”


Sense: Taste

Element: Water

Vowel: Ooo

Sound: Vam

Position: Between the first coccygeus and fifth sacral vertebrae

Matching parts of the body: Reproductive organs, uterus, tubes, prostate. It’s associated with the movement of bodily fluids. Lymphatic system.

Matching glands: Ovaries, testicles.

Essential oils: Ylang-ylang, jasmine, santalum, ginger, neroli, clary sage, mastic oil, patchouli, lily

Positive vision: Visualize a lovely full moon with its light mirrored on a lake, while you are swimming in this feeling of absolute relaxation.

Breathing exercise: Breathe through the mouth to your breast. Hold it briefly and allow the air to go to your stomach. Breathe entirely out of your mouth.

Gemstones: Carnelian, quartz with rutile, coral

Precious stone: Imperial topaz

The second centre represents fertility. That is where the energy we have to create a life filled with harmony and complement for us and those around us comes from. Through the smooth flow of this centre, we get the opportunity to absorb vital energy, to speak without guilt - particularly to opposite sex, to enjoy and celebrate the life and our sexuality, to allow abundance and to properly manage our money. 

When there is dissonance in this centre, we question our worth and desperately need the approval of others.

We suppress the need for connection contact and become cold. Even if we have a partner who we love, we are fearful of real human contact. However, the opposite seems to happen as well, meaning the seeking of many sexual contacts, which often conceal our denial of the solitude we are currently experiencing.

Usually, the people that experience malfunctions in the sacral chakra, have unexpected anger explosions.

2nd Energy centre – Swadhisthana
3rd Energy centre – Manipura

Meaning: “Bright Stone” or “The state of precious stones”

Colour: Yellow, gold

Sense: Sight

Element: Fire

Vowel: O

Sound: Ram

Position: Between the 12th thoracic and 1st sacral vertebra

Matching parts of the body: Liver, gallbladder, stomach, autonomic nervous system, diaphragm, fine and large intestine.

Matching glands: Pancreas

Essential oils: Lavender, rosemary, bergamot orange, juniperus, petitgrain (leaves from bitter orange plant)

Positive vision: Visualize that you are walking in a field filled with mature wheat. There is a lovely, warm sun that showers everything and warms you up.

Breathing exercise: Inhale as vigorously as you can, from your nose to your breast. Hold it a little and allow the air to go to the top of the belly. Breathe out entirely from the mouth.

Gemstones: Tiger’s Eye, amber, citrine, orange calcite, fire opal, ametrine

Precious stone: Yellow zircon

The chakra of the solar plex is the centre of our strength.

This is where we build our own values and express the strength to get away from the roles that we have committed to. This centre is the personality and the quality of our relations with the other, as is the desire for success and personal verification.

The power of the lower energy centres (sacral and base centre) is built and it is their creative energy. But at the same time, this is where the upper centres (heart, throat, third eye and crown) get grounded and expressed. 

When the centre of the solar plex radiates smoothly, we feel acceptance for ourselves and others, and a great feeling of welfare.However when it is blocked, we have strong domineering tendencies and feelings of inefficiency and dissatisfaction. A typical negative effect is a permanent tension throughout our system, which cannot find peace or be discharged. The anxiety about the conquest of money, very often accompanied by a sense of powerlessness, melancholy and failure, and the thirst of the need for acceptance remains unquenchable.

3rd Energy centre – Manipura
4th Energy centre – Anahata

Meaning: “The Undefeated”

Colour: Green, pink, gold

Sense: Touch

Element: Air

Vowel: A

Sound: YIAM

Position: Between the 4th and 5th thoracic vertebrae.

Matching parts of the body: Heart, lungs, chest cavity, breasts, shoulders, circulatory system (arteries, veins, capillary vessels), palms, immune system

Matching glands: Thymus

Essential oils: Bergamot orange, melissa officinalis, rose oil, mastic oil, geranium, neroli (orange balm)

Positive vision: Visualize a sky filled with all the shades of pink, while walking barefoot in a forest with evergreen trees and fresh grass, feeling a sweet joy in your heart.

Breathing exercise: Breathe slowly from the nose into your stomach. Hold it, then move the air in your chest three times and allow it to return to your stomach. Breathe out the mouth.

Gemstones: pink quartz, tourmaline (watermelon), aventurine, peridot, pink tourmaline, malachite, green calcite

Precious stone: Emerald

Through the centre of the heart we understand the beauty and harmony. In this energy centre, the heart of love is beating and anyone who coordinates with it can channel it and use it as a treatment, since the cure for everything is love.

An open heart centre develops understanding, the acceptance of ourselves and others, sympathy and compassion. It opens us to joy and fills us with safety and creative mood.

But if our hearts are locked, once again we have the need to offer and do so with joy. With the passage of time we realize that we didn't have anything (regardless if we did not let it happen) and we feel sad and empty. What is happening in reality is that we are unable to accept the love, in any form, because we are afraid.

After an experience of disappointment or pain, the usual reaction is to exclude ourselves from the intimacy, so as not to get hurt again. This leads us to a dull depression, an internal "pull" of cold behaviour and inability to live, because we are experiencing the agony of rejection.
4th Energy centre – Anahata
5th Energy centre – Vishuddha

Meaning: “To purge”

Colour: Light blue – Blue

Sense: Hearing

Element: Air

Vowel: E

Sound: HAM

Position: Between the 7th cervical and 1st thoracic vertebrae

Matching parts of the body: Language, pharynx, larynx, trachea, oesophagus, neck, main and secondary bronchi, lungs, throat, arms, ears, voice

Matching glands: Thyroid

Essential oils: Sage, German chamomile, juniper, rosemary, eucalyptus tree, achillea, camphor, star anise

Positive vision: Visualize a blue sky that is crimped on the horizon with the glistening sea, in a beautiful blue colour which fills you with calmness.

Breathing exercise: With the muscle of your belly, inhale 7 times from your mouth. Then, exhale 7 times in the same way.

Gemstones: Aquamarine, turquoise, blue chalcedony, sodalite, lapis lazuli, blue agate

Precious stone: Sapphire

This is the centre, where we express our feelings.

This chakra operates as both the “collector” and the expression of information gathered from the other energy centres.

The harmonic function of this centre shows the kind of person that recognizes and can support the internal truth and mission of their life. Our speech has perfect articulation and our voice the appropriate colour.

The dissonance of this centre distorts all of the above, the voice loses its colour and rhythm, and words lose their meaning. The voice becomes strong and strident, and the flow of the speech is relentless and pointless, or rather the voice breaks, leading to stuttering.

Slouching is unwittingly done by lots of people, who feel that they have "a lot on their shoulders". This simple but, daily movement creates blocks in the throat centre, as well as strong rigidity on our natural and energy levels, while it often indicates deep sorrow.

5th Energy centre – Vishuddha
6th Energy centre - Ajna

Meaning: “I know”, “I understand”, or “I command”

Colour: Violet

Sense: Insight

Element: Light

Vowel: I

Sound: Aum

Position: Pineal gland

Matching parts of the body: Central nervous system, eyes, nasal cavity, lacrimal gland, frontal sinuses

Matching glands: Pituitary gland

Essential oils: Santalum, mint, lavender, basil, daphne, mint, rosemary, rosewood

Positive vision: Visualize a blue velvet colour and the entire universe. Move into it, watch the comets, the planets and the stars, and feel it spreading in your conscience.

Breathing exercise: Place the pointer of the right hand over the third eye and your thumb on the right nostril. Breathe slowly in your stomach from the left nostril. Close it with the ring finger and hold it for four seconds, and exhale from your right nostril right after. Inhale from the right nostril, send the air in the abdomen, close the right nostril for four seconds and exhale from the left nostril.

Gemstones: Fluorite, amethyst, celestine, selenite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, moonstone

Precious stone: Indian sapphire

This centre expresses the superior intelligence and the need to develop intellectual property, to understand and to consciously express the spirit in everyday life. It gives us insight into reality, while helping us understand these facts on an intuitive level, at the same time.   

With a healthy third eye chakra, we maintain open communication with the universe by drawing information from all other levels and dimensions, in the past, the present and the future. Ajna is a capsule that travels us through time and space.

Insight’s “home” is located in this centre and it helps us create the reality that we want through visualization, which is our raw material for a better future. But when this chakra suffers from an imbalance, it expresses a hard and inharmonious thinking. 

When one has developed the third eye in good capacity but has no harmony with the heart centre will present intellectual arrogance. They might also lose the sense of messages received, because they will be very strongly stained by astral desires and fears. In that case, the feelings will constantly complicate matters, because there will be no distinction. 

6th Energy centre - Ajna
7th Energy centre – Sahasrara

Meaning: “Thousandfold”

Colour: White, gold

Sense: Divine Will and the Understanding of Purpose

Element: Thought

Vowel: M


Position: Crown of the head

Matching parts of the body: Brain

Matching glands: Epiphysis

Essential oils: Incense, lotus, nutmeg, hyacinth, lily, rose, jasmine, rosewood

Positive visual: Visualize that you are climbing a mountain. When you arrive at the top, open your hands to the sky and open your eyes to a great white light, enabling you on every level.

Breathing exercise: Inhale from the nose into your stomach. Hold it for twelve seconds and exhale from the mouth. Breathe in through the mouth, hold it for twelve seconds and then exhale from the mouth.

Gemstones: Celestine, quartz crystal

Precious stone: Diamond

It is the centre from which we take the light from the upper levels. The one that attracts the refined qualities of the other energy centres.

When the head centre is in harmony, it’s easier for us to be in contact with our Higher Selves and the secular actions; we absorb the light and we emit it. The more pure light we absorb from the centre of the head, the smaller our separation with the Whole is and we can, therefore, feel our unity with it.

The smooth function of this chakra gives us the opportunity to take a look at the Maya (illusion) that we have created, in this life or in a previous one. The most important thing to take not of is that no illusion can frighten us anymore, because we are one with the light and the blissful love of our Universe, by not leaving any room for fear.

However, if the crown centre is blocked, the loneliness and the emptiness that we feel can be huge. The lack of vision will create a big empty space, after the connection with the Higher is cut off. You will feel death very close to you and in conjunction with the lack of vision, it will give you the feeling of tiredness, of hopelessness and isolation at all levels, which will subsequently bring us increasingly closer to getting various illnesses of the body.

7th Energy centre – Sahasrara
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