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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a comprehensive and independent system practice and theories, developed for more than 4000 years ago and based on ancient texts, critical acumen of therapists and clinical trials, acknowledged by respected health theorists and practitioners. It is the combination of philosophy, logic, sensitivity and tradition of a vast culture, unusual to the western eye. The theories of the East for the body, for pathology and for health can be distinct, while still delivering food results, as it has been demonstrated. 

According to the worldview of theFar East, the human body is a thumbnail image of the universe, a combination of cosmic and terrestrial forces, and a mental form residing in a human body. The mental unit and the physical part interact and are interdependent. While modern Western medicine is based on Cartesian and Newtonian theories, the Chinese modulate their therapies in a different way: the observation of the patterns of the natural world, the philosophy of Mother Nature and the dynamic impact of the human body and vice versa, which are the keys to maintaining a balanced health. The world is seen as an inseparable, unique whole - the outside with the inside, the above with the below. Any influence of the world on a cosmic level affects each one of us, organizing our internal world through the magnetic contact of the Yin and Yang, the Sky and the Earth, the Fire and the Water, and just any opposite, yet intertwined forces.

 Thus, any disturbance which affects us can be reversed through the rehabilitation of our inner balance, using the dynamics of the wider world as the main example. The medicine of Chinese tradition uses a cluster of techniques for this purpose - acupuncture, botanology, nutrition, massage (Tui Na), exercise (Tai Chi and Qigong), just like a patient technician uses different tools. The primary purpose of this technician is to observe patterns of imbalance and to work towards the balance of the elements that cause it, in the particular problematic point, without harming the balance, the integrity and coherence of the rest of the system. With a focus on this affinity and the restoration of the body to a "well-tuned" condition, we can see the relation of the Chinese therapies with ontology: the pathology directly related to who the patient is, while the body is treated as an operating entity with an identity and unique characteristics, rather than as a structural whole.

Given that the practice of traditional Chinese medicine has therapeutic effects in cases incurable by the modern Western medicine, it is worth investigating what these contradictory forces are, since they are the place where the treatments get their magnetism and balance from. The Yin, which translates directly into "the dark side of the mountain", is associated with peace, passivity, inertia, the Lower, darkness, the earth, femininity and the cold. The Yang, translated accurately as "the bright side of the mountain” is warm, anxious, energetic, represents the exterior, the higher, the light, the active, the sky, the male. Interdependent and interacting atoms, the Yin and Yang represent the two opposite and complementary forces of the vital energy of Chi. Their continuous interaction results in the creation, the formation and development of the natural world. The same ratio is followed by the human body, and that balance ensures health.

Equally essential for the Chinese practice is the "theory of the five elements".

The world consists, according to this theory, of five fundamental elements: wood, fire, earth, air and water. Each element is involved in proportions, forming everything. This is the principle basis, and the human body, its members and the internal organs are all made of proportions of these 5 elements: each organ has a predominant factor as the primary one and operates in proportion with the other five. The balance between the elements ensures that the balance of the health of the whole body and its functions. Otherwise, symptoms associated with the surplus or lack of a component is displayed as diseases.

In nature, the element of Water includes the salt, the black, the cold, the north, the winter, the kidney, the womb, the ear, the bones and fear.

Fire includes the bitter, the red, the heat, the south, the summer, the heart, the small intestine, the language, the vessels and joy.

Wood includes the sour, the green, wet air, the east, the spring, the liver, the gallbladder, the eye, the tendons and anger.

Metal includes the spicy, the white, the drought, the west, the autumn, the diaphragm, the large intestine, the nose, the skin, the hair and melancholy.

Earth includes the sweet, yellow, the humidity, the centre, the end of the summer, the spleen, stomach, mouth, the muscles and scepticism.















Small intestine


Large intestine

Urinal bladder




End of summer













Body hair

Bones and Hair

























The five elements are in a relentless cycle of continuous creation and destruction. The wood burns and creates the fire, the fire’s ashes create the earth, the earth with its gemstones creates metal, the metal melts and creates the water, and the water creates the wood as its basic ingredient. At the same time, the metal destroys wood, wood destroys earth, once it gets into it and passes through it, the earth controls and restricts the water, the water turns out the fire and the fire melts the metal. This cycle is called the "Ke Cycle" and is the main healing tool of a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, in order to bring balance to the elements in the human body.

How does it reach a diagnosis; the overview, the hearing and the smell, the history and the palpation, are the four basic methods of examination. The pulse of the heart is examined in three places on each wrist and on two levels (surface and deeper). Nutrition, massage, acupuncture, every technique described above, is the means of the therapist and the predominant method, the activation of the energy points that communicate with the energy channels of the human body, the Meridians: The Primary Meridians are twelve energy channels through which the vital energy flows (Chi, Qi). Each of them starts from a specific organ (Zhang) or bowel (Fu), from which they take their name. During their journey, they come in contact with the skin, where the acupuncture points are. Each Primary Meridian meets the path of another Primary Meridian, while engaging with the Secondary Meridians, forming a closed circuit energy system, where the Vital Energy circulates. The Secondary Meridians are energy channels which do not start from a specific organ or bowel, but irrigate the space between the Primary Meridians. They are 56 on the whole.

If one looks deeply into the Chinese tradition and medicine, they will find that the most important part of it is the importance it places on nature and the balanced communication of our body, our feelings, the personal temperament of the patient and the overall system of their behaviour. If anything, Chinese medicine focuses on humans as whole, as a part of the universe. This elevates it from medical tradition to Medical Art.

Chinese Medicine
Chinese Nutrition

According to the Chinese, food for the human body is the light of the sun and moon penetrating the skin, the air through the respiratory tract, and the earth and water through the mouth. Thus, the food is the primary need, which must complete all the elements of nature to provide to the body in a satisfying way. 

We have to make sure that all the components are in balance to maintain the core of our health.

Chinese Nutrition
Chinese Cupping Therapy

 A great ancient Chinese practice, the treatment with the suction cups, is used to pull out pathogens and quiescent energy to achieve multi-level healing.

Excellent therapy when it comes to respiratory problems, chronic pain, gastro-intestinal pain. It is also soothing to aching muscles, backaches and waist pain. This technique must only be implemented by well-trained therapists due to its nature.

Chinese Cupping Therapy

Moxa is a traditional method of treatment fromChina. It can be used in a wide variety of diseases as asthma, a cold, in cases of humidity – slimming down, muscle and arthritis pains. Moxa can be found in various forms. The most well-known is in the form of sticks or cigars. Various herbs can be used, depending on what needs to be healed; the most well-known herb is the absinthium. 

The treatment is carried out by lifting moxa at a safe height in relation to the skin, in order for the heat to penetrate the appropriate parts, without causing any pain or burns. 

Chinese Medicine, Medicine and Gemstones

Each element (wood, water, earth, metal) consists of 2 meridians (Yin and Yang) except from the element of fire, which consists of 4. Each Meridian is associated with a natural organ, except from the triple heater. Each organ has a particular emotional correspondence, e.g. liver -anger, lungs - sadness, each produces a particular quality of chi and moves in its own way through the body. This applies certain specificities to what moves, what transports and even which the sick part is, if the body has gone into pathology. In the following text, depending on the each organ, several gemstones are presented, that can assist you in balancing the chi you want to work on.


Malachite: Helps you move the stagnant energy of the liver. Releases.

Aquamarine: Soothes tensions in the liver, softens the anger, brings calmness.

Aventurine: Nourishes & treats.


Gold Labradorite: Helps stimulate the function of the bile

Rhodonite: Helps dissipate stones.

Pyromorphite and pink quartz: Helps you dismiss bitterness.

Larimar: Release from anger, soothing.

Danburite: Sweetens the bitter.


Black Obsidian and Black Agate: Absorb fear.

Gold topaz and Gold labradorite: Stimulate and fuel the Jing energy of the kidneys.

Rhodonite: Helps dissipate stones.

Jade: General healing.

Urinary Bladder

Celestine: Helps when there’s fire in the urine.

Prehnite: Helps in the excretion of toxins from the system.

Gold topaz: Helps with the bladder function.

Sphalerite, White Opal, White Topaz: Strengthens the hair.

Red Coral, White Calcite, Petrified wood, Tiger iron: Strengthening of bones

Carnelian, Nephrite, Black Obsidian, Tiger Iron, Hematite and Ruby: Strengthens the will and courage.


Emerald: Nutrition of heart

Green Apatite: Soothes the defects of speech that result from imbalances in the heart

Morganite and pink quartz: Strengthen the heart. Morganite helps the heart radiate from the centre. It helps you to focus, while the pink quartz opens up a closed off heart and helps it spread in a calm, gentle manner.

Lepidolite along with Pink quartz: Helps calm the heart and tackle problems of insomnia.


Peridot: Strengthening of the pericardium. Absorbs the fire, so that it does not intrude the heart.

Watermelon Tourmaline: Harmonization between heart - pericardium and nourishing of the two.

Green Tourmaline: Strengthens the pericardium, soothes the troubled energy

Seraphinite, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite: Strengthening of blood

Small Intestine

Staurolite: Balances the vagueness of the small intestine (what is right to do for yourself)

Red Calcite: Helps with the assimilation and absorption of food from the blood. Strengthens the blood.

White Calcite, Sapphire, Ametrine: Give mental clarity to the blurry crisis of the small intestine

Citrine: Helps with the elimination of gas.

Triple Heater

Fire opal, fire agate: stimulation of the fire in the body in a mild way

Granada, Ruby: Stimulates the fire in an intense way.

Red Calcite, Blue Chaolite: Detoxify and help move the lymph. Also, in combination with a moonstone they can help the female bodies have better movement of fluids.

Pink Calcite, Aventurine: Help with anomalies in the circulatory system.

Moss Agate: Helps with the flexibility of the vessels.


Gold Labradorite, Gold Apatite: Stimulates the Chi of the spleen

Orange Calcite, Amber (Honey) Calcite, Fire Opal: Relaxation from the intense mental intensity that causes the instability of the spleen and stomach.

Lithium with Quartz Crystal, Petalite, Rhodochrosite: Generally soothe the mental intensity and calm you down.

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst): Balances nutrition disorders (bulimia /anorexia).

Imperial Topaz: Nourishes deep energy, can stop the tendency of bulimics to eat their emotions, while it gives an appetite back to the anorexic.

Cinnabar: Stimulation of Chi CAUTION – IT IS TOXIC

Ruby: Stimulation of Chi

Desert Rose, Fire Opal, Himalayan Salt: Absorb moisture from the spleen.


Heliodore: Stimulates the Chi of the stomach

Malachite: Helps stabilize the functions of the stomach.

Citrine: Generally balances the function of the stomach.

Imperial Topaz: Rejuvenates the chi of the stomach.

Amber (Honey) Calcite: Helps you be/get detached from obsessions.

Pyrite: Helps you look at your obsessions as in a mirror.


Blue Aragonite, Blue Calcite, Blue Opal, Pink Opal: Strengthening of the chi of the lungs

Pink quartz, petrified wood, Herkimer Diamond, White Opal and Aquamarine: Nourish the skin in general.

Water Opal: Gets rid of moisture in the lungs.

Rutilated Quartz, Crystal with Lithium, Green Tourmaline, Pink quartz: Help dismiss grief and depression.

Thulite and Green Quartz: Joy.

Heliolite: Optimism

Amazonite: Helps us understand where to put the proper limits.

Large Intestine

Zeolite, Klinoptilolith: Detoxification of the colon

Malachite: Sets the functions right, while at the same time helps move the Chi of the bowel.

Aquamarine: Releases us from the weight of our shoulders and the obstacles we create for ourselves. The perfect combination to help you leave something you are keeping by force is that of an aquamarine and a pink sapphire.

Chinese Medicine, Medicine and Gemstones
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