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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Crystal Therapy » Crystal Aromatherapy

General Information

In this particular area of crystal healing, we will cooperate with yet another amazing representative of Mother Nature: the essential oils.

We can call this great combination crystal aromatherapy or energy aromatherapy. This is because we can add crystal tinctures in recipes with essential oils or even crystal oils, which is done by dipping the gemstones in the oil.

In one way or another, it emanates the finest functions from both kingdoms and impacts our entire energy system, directly and deeply. We have the opportunity to revive our energy centres, to discharge or activate energy in an internal organ. We can, also, intervene generally on a mental, psychological, spiritual and emotional level. The kind of effect this throbbing therapy can have, work on a more spiritual level and release karma and general imbalances that affect us negatively. Energy anatomy is detrimental to our health. It is an art that’s been studied for 4000 years and provides a wide range of information, regarding the energy centres. Each energy centre has its own vibration, which can be associated with specific essential oils and gemstones. The combination of an energy centre, gemstones and essential oils may lead to the disengagement from various blockages, even other lives, since this combination has no boundaries and can be done with various techniques.

We can also treat the aura with the appropriate essential oils and gemstones without even touching the client. Let me give you an example: When passing a quartz crystal with an edge over the client, we can drop a single tear of an essential oil, baptizing it. The crystal strengthens the function of the essential oil and allows it to penetrate deeper, as we are doing conceivable lines on the aura.

What needs to be passed to the aura depends on the pathology that we have to deal with. For example, in regards to an aura that has been affected by negative energy, one drop of hyssopus and one drop of black pepper would help clean it. We could also fuel the centres by combining essential oils and gemstones again. For example, a very strong combination for the base centre is the essential oil of cinnamon and garnet. Another example is the combination of the essential oil of the sunflower with heliodore or peridot for the calmness of the heart.

The energetic aromatherapy could even treat a house. If you feel that your home is under attack from negative energy, you could use active water from black tourmalines; add 2 drops of hyssopus, 6 drops of sage, 1 drop cumin and 4 drops of lemon. Spray it around the house.

The only means to really help you learn and understand the immediate, healing power of crystal aromatherapy is actually experiencing it.

General Information
Crystal Lifting

It is a great way to renew our face and energy, since all our internal organs will have an energy allocation to the face.

In this technique, we combine the appropriate essential oils, depending on the type of the skin and its needs. We add crystal tinctures and massage the face with our tools, following specific steps.

The visual rejuvenation will blow you away!

Crystal Lifting
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