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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Techniques » Crystal & Energy Ιncenses

Incense for the Cleansing of Spaces

Put the following in a blender:

1 tablespoon of black burning incense 

1 handful dried sage leaves

1 handful of rosemary

1 handful of common rue  

1 handful of artemisia

½ bunch of hyssopus

3, 4 juniper seeds

Let them turn into powder. Drop a pinch on top of the pieces of coal and let them burn around your home, without forgetting the corners. You can use it as many times as you want for a good result.

Light a small candle and place a suitable mineral for each room, in order to raise the vibrations of your living space.

Pink quartz in the bedroom

Citrine in the living room

You can buy a quartz crystal generator and schedule it to invite and reflect the qualities that you feel are necessary for your house. (e.g. in your office: perception, clarity, good relations with my partner, abundance).

You can store your incense in glass vase.

Incense for the Cleansing of Spaces
Love Incense

Some dried rose buds

1 pinch of dried hibiscus

1 pinch of sunny side

1 pinch of jasmine flowers

½ tbsp of ginger powder

½ tbsp of cinnamon Powder

2-3 pinches sandlewood

2 tbsp of rose burning incense

Blend them until they become a powder. Burn the incense around the house, while keeping in mind what kind of love you want to have in your life, what you really need.

Say "I call on love at all levels and all dimensions."

When you’re about to end the procedure, light the pink candles, decorate the house with flowers and put on music that opens your heart.

If you want to develop this technique, find a picture of the couple that inspires you most, put up two hearts of pink quartz programmed to attract the companion of your life. If you already have a partner and you want to enhance your relationship, perform the same technique with your own photo in a happy moment. You could do the following meditation right after the love incense:


Sit comfortably and envision what you want to attract. Feel the feeling of love as deep as you can, let it fill your home, the neighbourhood, the city, and when you feel you are open energy-wise, feel yourself calling your partner from wherever he/she is located.

Love Incense

Place the following herbs into a container (out of wood, horn or marble): 

A handful of sage

Half a handful of rosemary

A pinch of mustard seeds

Seeds of juniperus

Black sesame seeds

Mix in the following minerals:


Black Tourmaline


The herbs have to absorb the functions of the minerals in order to become stronger. Leave them under the sun and the moon for 24 hours (better yet if the moon is small if you want to expel or cleanse something). The next day, open your windows and burn the incense around corners and recesses. You could mix it with black burning incense.


Take small flowers and dried flowers of lavender and jasmine and hit them in a pestle. When they become dust, add chopped vanilla wood. When the mixture is ready, take 6 chips of pink quartz you have already cleansed and programmed to bring love in your life. You add it and keep the mixture while visualizing what you crave. 

Place it on a piece of coal and burn the incense in your house and aura, as often as you like. You can add burning incense from roses (it’d be to do that when the moon is full.) Do not throw away the small crystals; just bury them with much gratitude for the energy they have offered you.


Blend sandlewood with burning incense. This mixture will be used as the basis for combinations of minerals: 

Your decision on what mineral will be in this mixture depends on the kind of connection you want to do.

Azurite or lapis lazuli with a few drops of myrrh essential oil should help you connect with the priests of ancientEgyptand get the information you are looking for.

Angelite with a few drops of rose essential oil will help you connect with the angelic territory.

Pink quartz with palmarosa will help you to connect with the goddess Aphrodite (change the burning incense up with mastic).

An amethyst with a few drops of lavender will help you relax mentally.

White calcite or white apophyllite with few drops of burning incense is a great combination for deep thinking.

The minerals you use must always be energy cleansed and programmed to be used for meditation and the strengthening of energy materials.

Stir the mixture with the mineral and let it take the energy of the Moon (always with a full moon). Essential oils are added shortly before use.

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