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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Techniques » Crystals & Gems

Increases the perception, stimulates creativity and enhances intelligence. 

On a physical level, it is a very powerful stone because it has the ability to pull out situations and incidents that we’ve hidden, 

which is why special care is required when there are emotional wounds involved. If, indeed, the time has come to clarify something
emotional, then the combination of aventurine and pink quartz is the ideal for a smoother cleansing. Protects the heart chakra (such as the pericardium), sucks in the negative vibrations that tend to invade it. Soothes the troubled
feelings that create a continuous state of mental concern after a shock. Hatred, anger and negative feelings in general almost grasp at energy particles. Aventurine cannot shatter them like other minerals
do, ones with stronger vibration, but has softening properties, so it gradually helps with the separation and removal. It facilitates the balancing and alignment of energy particles, as well as the balance of yin and yang.
It is a mineral devoted to warriors who used to believe that if they rubbed hematite on their bodies, they would become 
immune, and that’s why it is particularly supportive of the fighters of light. It increases our courage and the desire for inner peace, self-control and calmness. It balances the yin and yang actions, on earth and space. As a mineral or a curative, it strengthens the mind and stimulates the memory. Reduces the stress that affects travelling conditions, under unknown or difficult circumstances. Hematite strengthens the heart and improves any malfunctions of the blood, whether it’s a much needed stimulation, or a treatment
of some kind of blood disease that has affected internal organs. The heart has the most sophisticated form of energy in our body,
the Shen, and it governs the blood, which when affected by disease, weakens and loses the energy properties of the heart, such as the
joy of life and the hope for creation. These are the classic signs of depression. The hematite is great to work with in cases of medical problems that pertain to blood, which
can cause depression. It is an important mineral for those who face problems in regards to grounding and are incapable of implementing their ideas. It helps
with the energy concentration on the physical level, especially if we place a hematite on the root centre and one on each foot. Moreover,
a footbath with coarse salt and a curative or tincture of hematite, helps our feet relax and also firmly “stand their ground.”
The amethyst is one of the most spiritual gemstones. 

It ensures that the direct “path” between the Earth and the other dimensions remains open. 

If placed in the traditional position - the third eye – it can even help us understand the mystery of death.
Furthermore, death in whatever form, is the primary fear of humans, so when we come to understand it, a
lot of problems that relate to it, cease to exist. Therefore, it gives us the strength to accept the absence a loved one. It particularly aids with our meditation skills and the assimilation of the wisdom we gain during it. It opens us up to prophetic dreams. Improves memory, soothes and calms the mind, lifts the spirit. It increases
intuitive awareness and the conscious mind, and offers the feeling of peace. It calms our fears, helps us see the spiritual side of life and progressively realize the lessons in disguise. Cleans us our aura and protects us from mental attacks and negative vibrations. Helps out with detoxification,
in cases of addiction and stress. It relieves headaches, insomnia, disorders of the nervous system.
Green Apatite
The apatite helps us understand that the willpower and the strength of love are equally necessary to our spiritual 
development. It’s associated with the service and the development of humanitarian objectives, on an individual and
collective level. Apatite offers the quality of unselfish love, by refining our personality and helping us express creatively. It is extremely useful when it comes to the broadening of knowledge and the uncovering of truth and therefore the
freedom of the soul. Develops the vision, the intuition and the concept of parallel worlds and dimensions. Through meditation, it supports our union with the Higher self. Clarifies intellectual confusion and balances the yin and yang. Goodwill is associated with the kidneys, which respectively (based on Chinese medicine) control the bones.
The more we strengthen the power of goodwill, the more we break free from fear, which tends to suffuse the kidneys
by blocking their potential. Consequently, on a physical level, the apatite helps the weaker bones and strengthens our
skeleton, so that it can efficiently support us.
Green Apatite
Petrified Wood
Petrified wood comes from ancient trees that were covered by water, rich in minerals, many centuries ago. 
Since it knows the process of denaturing, petrified wood is an important assistant, when we have internal anxiety,
in situations where we do not know or do not understand why things or situations that we thought important exit
our lives, while we cannot assess our new circumstances either. Petrified wood stimulates the heart and the vital energy of the kidney - the jing, bettering our life and longevity. Petrified cherry wood in particular, helps women who have dry "energy" in their womb and have generally trapped their
female energy.
Petrified Wood
Carnelian Agate
It is a particularly good assistant during periods of isolation, loneliness and depression because, apart from the 
big “hug” that only this mineral can offer, it allows us to see and understand situations and events, while at the
same time allows the inflow of new positive energy. It is generally a very nourishing mineral on all levels, with an authentic mothering quality to it, always dynamic and stimulating. It guides us with each new cycle of our spiritual search, nourishing us with motherly affection and supporting us with
fatherly advice through our struggles. The carnelian resembles an ovum ready to accept the semen of the universe,
and with the "Let’s do it!" of a pupil, ready for the beginning of a consciousness revolution. It stimulates the Wei Qui energy (defensive energy) of our body, which protects us from the invasion of negative, extrinsic factors. As a warm mineral (the yang side of the carnelian), it helps with diseases that are affected by moisture, such as
rheumatism disorder and arthritis. Conversely, when we are feverish, its yin quality cools us down. It gives our blood vessels flexibility and stops the bleeding, particularly the nasal. Soothes spasms caused due to high tension. Facilitates digestion and helps us deal with anorexia.
Carnelian Agate
Fills us with positivity, optimism and confidence, and increases our inner magnetism. It boosts our 
self-esteem, enabling us to recognize the positive aspects of ourselves and to make the best of what we have. Gives us strength and courage when we are going through times, when the changes are too big and
whenever we need support. Stimulates and rejuvenates all levels of our aura, such as the chakras. It helps us let go of established situations with no further development, but to also express feelings that
have “frozen” out of fear and shock. Examine what or where the blocked emotions come from, so that you
will be able to lessen their fury. Sometimes a kunzite or a pink quartz is required, because these two
minerals soften the anger and the need for love garnet brings out. It is very therapeutic stone. It is able to absorb negative energy stuck in chakra very quickly, especially
when it’s due to external factors. It activates and nourishes Sushumna (central channel) and Kundalini. One way to do that is to put a
garnet on the beginning and end of the spine. When energy is scattered, we can command the garnet to round it up again. In general, it is a stimulating mineral, especially if we use it during periods of physical weakness.
It’s also useful for blood problems, especially anemia.
Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer diamonds ground and scatter the light at all levels and in all dimensions. It can be placed on 
all of the energy centres to purify and to stimulate or in-between them, so that the energy can flow freely
and balanced between them. Add a Herkimer diamond to any mineral combination you choose, to enhance and strengthen their
influence on the chakra you are working on. Herkimer diamonds transform us to channels of cosmic energy that flows directly and unimpeded. It awakens the forgotten vision of the soul and the consciousness to search for the light within us.
It highlights the joy of inner child we suppressed with our musts and don’ts. It is generally a stimulating and refreshing mineral for all the dimensions of the body.
Herkimer Diamond
Its advantage is the ability to absorb any negativity it finds, either in the form of illness or trapped negative
energy in the energy particles. This is one of the reasons that the amber is so important to therapists; it
does not allow negative energy to latch onto us. It can be placed on various chakras. The clear pale yellow amber stimulates the crown centre, the black is
very good for the root centre, the orange for the solar plexus and the reddish for the sacral centre. The amber is a small sun that illuminates, stimulates the natural forces and balances and strengthens our
ethereal system.
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