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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Techniques » Energy Recipies

Energy Stimulation

Place a clear garnet in a glass transparent container with water. Leave it there for one hour, so that it activates the glass in its own frequency. Pour the water into a saucepan and boil a piece of cinnamon wood in it, three -four slices of ginger, a clove and slivers of a grated orange for 2-3 minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat, add black tea, cover them and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Then, sieve your drink and add honey, if you feel like it. It’s a great recipe for our energy and yang stimulation. It’s perfect for the winter, not when it’s too hot.

Energy Stimulation
Energy and Body Detox

You will need:


3-4 palms of semi-coarse salt


1 cup of green clay

1 cup of millet

1 handful of lavender

5 drops of quartz crystal tincture

5 drops of black tourmaline tincture

5 drops of citrine tincture

Beverage of sage leaves (as much as is necessary)


1 tbsp of spirulina powder

2-3 cups of honey

Half a cup of almond oil coffee

½ cup of jojoba oil coffee

Juice of a small lemon


25 ml balsam oil

25 ml almond oil

5 drops of cedar essential oil

6 drops of bergamot oil

3 drops of neroli essential oil

4 drops of jasmine essential oil

Place the salt, clay, millet, lavender and the drops of tinctures in a bowl with the beverage sage leaves you need, and stir the ingredients in order to make a paste. Then carefully massage your body, from the bottom to the top with circular movements, going towards to the heart. Thoroughly rinse your body and start the second part of the process.

Mix the juice of lemon oils, the spirulina powder and honey as long as necessary (the density of the honey has gradual progression), so that the ingredients may be a thick paste. This paste will "stretch" on your body like a "gum", which will absorb the toxins. Work with the material, without worry about being stuck on you, as that’s exactly what the secret of the prescription is; to absorb toxins this way.

Rinse again and pat your body dry with a towel.

Mix in the lemon juice with the spirulina powder. Finally, apply the mixture of the oils and the essential oils on your body.


Dress in comfortable clothes. Now, with perfectly clean energy and fully detoxified body, you can enter into a meditation state, using any technical treatment you want (reiki breathing, crystal healing etc.)

Before starting with this technique, it would be good to not having eaten meat. Eat lighter meals. Drink a lot of beverages.

After this technique, do not get exposed to busy areas with heavy energies, for at least 24 hours.


Avoid the ingestion of essential oils.

Do not use the essential oils directly on the skin, with the exception of the lavender, roses and tea tree.

If you suffer from hypertension, epilepsy, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer or receive any medication, seek the advice of a specialised aromatherapist.

Be particularly careful with the use by children and pregnant women.

Energy and Body Detox
Cleansing Bath for Release and Harmonization

The cleansing process that follows is good for all of us – to do once a week or even once a month - because it releases us from the negative energy that sticks to us on a daily basis. It’s also a very good method for therapists who have continuous contact with inharmonious actions. 

Create an atmosphere that relaxes you in your bathroom (with candles, music, etc.). You have plunged a black tourmaline into a glass transparent container with mineral water, from the previous day. You will boil a handful of the following herbs in a large saucepan, with this water, the next day: 






In a bowl, pour:

Half a kilo of Himalayan salt

1 tablespoon of honey

A handful of lavender

Add as much as you need from the herbs you boiled, until it’s all a thick paste. Gently rub your whole body with the mixture and rinse.

Fill the bath with lukewarm water and add:

The remaining beverage of the herbs

Half a kilo of Himalayan salt or semi-coarse salt

A glass of condensed milk

A cup of almond oil, in which you have dissolved the following essential oils and tinctures:

5 drops of sage

3 drops of eucalyptus

3 drops of rosemary

2 drops of juniper  

2 drops of thyme

2 drops of clary sage

10 drops of quartz glass tincture

10 drops of citrine tincture

5 drops of amber tincture

5 drops of turquoise tincture

Place a single quartz crystal at the four corners of the tub fit, with their “nose” towards the bath and stay inside for at least 20 '- 30'.

You can write the negative you want to get rid of on a piece of paper. Put the note in a transparent bottle, so that the letters can appear and be "read" by the water and pour the bottle into the bath water.

Indulge, knowing that you are cleaning your every cell.

When you get out of the bath, pat your body dry and apply a mixture of:

60 ml almond oil or Jojoba oil

5 drops of bergamot essential oil

4 drops essential oil roses

3 drops of sandlewood

4 drops of lavender essential oil

2 drops of vetiver or angelica oil 

4 drops of neroli oil

5 drops of Herkimer diamond tincture

5 drops of ametrine tincture

5 drops of moonstone tincture

5 drops of selenite tincture


The oils evaporate if we put them in bath with running water. Therefore, always dilute everything in oil, milk or honey before we throw it in bath. If you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to reduce the dosage of essential oils listed. The day of the cleansing, it is desirable to avoid heavy food or a night out, because you're very open to energy.

Consume a lot of crystal water and herbal infusions made of detoxifying herbs.

Cleansing Bath for Release and Harmonization
The Magical Aroma Lamp

Through smelling, we can influence people and situations. That’s because the information are captured by the nerve sensors and go directly to the brain, which is the basis of experience that puts it in order.

The experience to a man is an extremely strong influence on decisions that are to be taken, especially when it is under the influence of a tied experience, which can be experienced through respiration.

The stimulating waves that come directly towards us produce feelings that are deliberately not easy to understand and to manage, because they come from the primitive part of us, the instinct.

Let's take a look at the following example. A combination of the essential oils of pine, orange and mandarin, could help you with a work meeting, where you want create a friendly, bubbly atmosphere, because it gives off a vibe of countryside and inner “opening.”

On a more profound level, pine has to do with economic prosperity, the mandarin with joy and release, and finally, orange stimulates the energy centre of the solar plexus and makes us feel full of confidence and more open to communication.

This example helps you understand that you can influence a situation with a "simple and humble" aroma lamp.

Now let's look at something a bit more alchemistic. If you added a crystal curative in the aroma lamp, what kind of result would we get? Going back to the example, if you add a bit of agate curative and citrine, it would bring economic abundance that would take root in your life, and citrine would bring goodwill and prosperity.

While if you had added emerald and ruby, you could have got economic benefits and a mood for new beginnings. (Pay attention to the ruby; if there is competition in the bunch, replace it with citrine)

Some more useful recipes for the aroma lamp, in case you want to make your daily life more beautiful, more practical and more magical.

If you want to increase erotic passion

Minerals: Siva Lingam, Garnet, Ruby

Essential oils: 6 drops of ylang-ylang, 2 of nutmeg, 1 of ginger, 1 clove 

If you want to bring out a softer side out of your partner

Minerals: Peridot, Pink quartz, Pink tourmaline

Essential oils: 4 drops of Roses, 5 of lavender, 3 of jasmine

For professional success

Minerals: Green tourmaline, Emerald, Green Nephrite

Essential oils: 3 drops of patchouli, 5 of basil, 1 of ginger

Good mood and regeneration

Minerals:Orangecalcite, sunstone, imperial topaz

Essential oils: 5 drops of tangerine, 4 of ylang-ylang, 6 of neroli

You know how important intentions are, so make sure that when you brew the mixtures, you repeat with a strong, concentrated voice, what it is you want. Good luck with your energy juggling. Believe and you will see!

The making of a curative

Let the energy purify your mineral within a transparent glass container with bottled water in the sun for 3 hours or from the morning until sunset. If it’s a full moon, make it 24 hours.

Add a curative in the aroma lamp for even better, stronger results.

The Magical Aroma Lamp

A mineral that can fill us with waves of joy is the sunstone. It has a warm golden brown color and strong antidepressant action and rejuvenating effect. Combine with effusion or natural supplement of ginseng, which as well as has uplifting and antidepressant action.

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