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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Techniques » Crystal Protection Recipies

Celtic Charm

On a small piece of wood, the size of a domino piece, carve or draw the shape of the THORN, which represents a small niggle, which is ready to protect you just as the natural thorn protects the plant to which it belongs. Place the stick in a leather bag with a gagate and a black obsidian, a pinch of dried clary sage, sage and sambucus, as well as an acorn to strengthen your personal "rune". The making of this charm good is best done during full moon day, after meditating.

Celtic Charm
Charm for the Protection of your Relationship from the Evil Eye

You will need:

2 red roses

2 hearts of pink quartz

2 red pouches that can fit the quartzes

1 white candle and 1 pink candle


Semi-coarse salt

Take the two red roses and remove their stalks.

Name the flower buds with the name of your partner and your own.

Create a circle and fill it with sugar. In the centre, place the two buds on the two hearts of the pink quartz.

Place the thorns around the sugar circle, with their peaks facing outward.

Finally, around this formation, create another circle of the semi-coarse salt.

Light the pink and white candles.

Focus and say the following chant three times, with a slow, steady voice.

"Let me and the one I love be protected inside the circle. Nothing negative can penetrate it and cast a dark shadow on it."

Stay put for a while, visualizing you and your partner safe. Leave the candles melt completely.

Gather all the ingredients in a bag, except from the heart of the pink quartz, and scatter them in the sea or if that’s not possible, flush them in the toilet.

Lastly, take two red small bags, one for you and one for your partner, put the quartz you had the bud on together with a pinch of pittosporum tobira, a pinch of juniperus seeds and a pinch of nutmeg. Close the bags and keep them on you, to keep your protected.

The ceremony should be done during a new moon or a full moon.

Charm for the Protection of your Relationship from the Evil Eye
Charm for your House

You will need:

A pot of common rue or sage or yucca

A pebble of white quartz

A black tourmaline

Place the pot with the common rue or the salvia next to your door or wherever you want, as long as it is a favourable location for the plant. The yucca you can place at the front door or your balcony, as long as its "arrows" do not mark the balcony door, but face outwards.

When you find the right position for the pot, proceed to the following procedure.

Take the minerals in your hands, get in tune with them and tell them:

"Become a filter for negative energy and a shield of protection wherever this home calls upon you. In this House only the Light resides and the Love is anchored within it."

Repeat this chant 11 times, visualizing your home bathed in light.

When you are ready, open your eyes, go to pot and stuff the minerals in the soil.

Turn your attention to plant and say:

"Take this prize and keep the house as safe as a strong castle"

You can thank the energies and burn the house incense for protection, to complete the process.

Charm for your House
Charm for Prosperity

You will need:

1 golden pouch

1 gold candle and 1 green

1 pinch from the following herbs:



Rose Pepper

The following minerals:




Green Tourmaline


Herkimer Diamond

Tiger’s Eye

Moss agate

Light the candles and get in a comfortable position.

Take the minerals in your hands. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes and relax.

Visualize thin, gold flakes descending from the sky and gradually covering your body. Watch the radiating golden rays filling the room. Stay focused on this vision for a few minutes.


"The abundance in my life I call, and the wealth I claim. Now is the time for me to take my gifts of the universe, and to enjoy the ultimate prosperity on all levels and dimensions."

Start with this procedure and envision your life exactly as you want it.

Open your eyes, when you're ready.

Maintain the feeling of abundance and add the minerals and herbs in your pouches. The charm is ready.

It’d be good to have your charm with you at all times. Do daily meditation while holding it, at least for 21 days for positive results and up to 6 months.

Charm for Prosperity
The Love Charm

You will need the following:

1 red candle

1 red pouch

A pinch of the following dried herbs: ginger, cardamom, jasmine, some rose buds and a stick of cinnamon wood.

You need the following minerals: pink tourmaline, larimar, garnet, 2 pieces of shiva lingam, a heart of pink quartz, 2 pieces of aventurine and a Herkimer diamond.

Create a romantic atmosphere (a bouquet of flowers, music etc.)

Light the red candle and take the minerals in your hands.

Immerse yourself in your heart for a few minutes and envision a sunny, pink light filling your body, transforming the energy to its sweet vibration.

Let your mind travel and create the perfect landscape for you. Visualize your soul mate coming for afar, approaching slowly and meeting in a hug.


"My dearest, please make my heart warm and let it find the ultimate redemption in your hug. Let us allow a relationship of respect, and love and harmony guide us."

Stay with this wonderful feeling for a few minutes and when you are ready, open your eyes and add the herbs and minerals in your pouch.

It is a good idea to keep it on you and daily envision your partner, for at least 21 days and up to 6 months.

If you want to, write how you want your partner to be in detail and what you need from your relationship, and put it in your pouch.

The Love Charm
Protection Charm

A charm that protects us from everything that goes into our energy system, on every level.

You will need: a leather pouch

A pinch of the following dry herbs: hyssopus, sage, common rue and rosemary.

The following protective minerals: turquoise, black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian, citrine, amethyst, black and red coral.

Put all ingredients into the pouch. Close it and hold it in your palms, envisioning a ball of light above your head, casting the rays on your crown centre, passing through and gradually embracing your body.

When you feel ready, say:

"Light of light, come and fill me on every level, and shield my dimensions."

Hold on to the pouch and let it soak in the energy for a little while. When you feel ready, open your eyes knowing that you have an assistant to your daily protection.

It’d be a good thing to keep it on you and refresh the energy of the minerals from time to time.

You can repeat the chant, whenever you feel the need to.

Protection Charm
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