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Alternative Therapies » Electroacupuncture


Electroacupuncture is based on the ancient knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. It works like classic acupuncture on acupuncture points, but it’s based on predefined templates that have already been clinically studied for each condition.

Electroacupuncture helps with tackling anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, dysmenorrhea, headaches, cervical syndrome and other health issues.

The meaning of Chinese energy *

"Discomfort" (energy blocks) causes diseases, said Hoang Ti, the yellow emperor, who ruled around 2800 BC. Together with other wise men of that era, he wrote the groundbreaking, classic book for acupuncture, "Nei King". This work is considered rare for acupuncture experts of the West, as well as the Chinese. Charles Waldemar, was inspired by this book for his own, numerous writings. So, we are really all reliant on the harmony that pre-exists in our body.

The cells of our body are a million batteries charged and "emptied" with no interruption, thereby regulating the energy balance. If we are to remain healthy, we need sleep, because with the relaxation of our conscience during sleep, particularly at the stage of alertness (level a 7-13 Hz), we become recipients of the Cosmic energy. The best time of sleeping for this purpose is 22.00 pm - 00.00 am, which we neglect - almost all of us - given the pace of our lives. Because of that loss, there are various diseases caused by the non-supply of energy in our bodies.

In addition to providing energy, just as important is the energy balance of the bioelectric beats of the meridians that charge the cells with the required force, through the energy channels.

Dr. J. Oberbach, German Institute of Bioplasma research

All diseases are created by disturbances in the bioenergy field that surrounds and rejuvenates our bodies. The unobstructed, balanced flow of energy is the prerequisite for our healthy living and well-being. We consume electricity for all the physical functions of the human body, spiritual and mental. This action is directly dependent on the cosmic energy forces of the solar system and the sun. Humans are really unique, just like the Earth; an autonomous, electricity production power station.

The energy difference in a human being brings down our daily sensitivity and shows the discomfort that’s born at that specific moment (transient) and not a permanent damage to health.

Specific electrical pickups were constructed and adjusted to needles and thus added energy from the outside. That way, we got "good" results.

The device of the electrodes with the many needles was discovered by Charles Waldermar. It was tested and acknowledged due to the great success stories of thousands of doctors and practicioners.

*an extract from “Elektro-Akupunktur System (Elektro-Akupunktursystem) - Selbstbehandlung ohne Nadelstiche”, by Charles Waldemar.

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