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Alternative Therapies » Spinal Bone Therapy

Spinal Bone Therapy

Spinal Bone Therapy 

Spinal bone therapy is a new method of treatment using the hands. It comes from osteopathy, which focuses on the vertebral column from the skull to the sacral curve and extends throughout the body. Its main goal is to restore the movement in the body. It focuses on relaxation or stimulation of all soft tissues that are involved in the movement of the spinal cord and other joints. 

When the muscular contraction is relaxed, any deviation of the frame from its correct position is corrected automatically. The “spineworks” method acknowledges that each body is unique. Our current pain is the result of its history. This includes flesh memory, heredity and our day-to-day handling of our body. In order to approach all of the former in a healing way, the spineworks method combines different approaches, such as neuromuscular techniques, gentle osteopathic operations and shiatsu exercises. 

The spineworks technique is a comprehensive and holistic approach, which heals and restores the body.

Spinal Bone Therapy
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