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A book about the magical world of crystals and gems and their healing attributes. Discover it and let it be your guide in your inner quest. Shakila Ioanna Brati
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Alternative Therapies » Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Crystal cymbalogy and Tibetan crystal bowls

Everything in the universe vibrates (macrocosm), as well as our own body (microcosm). However, even objects that look show solid, are composed of molecules that vibrate and are, at different frequencies, dependent on their material. 

We are like a musical instrument that needs to be in tune to remain in its proper sound frequency. Our content is high in water and this helps the transition of the sound waves that enter the body and release the vibrating energy. This way we can heal on every level. The lovely, unobtrusive sound of the Tibetan cymbals can coordinate our internal organs, our energy centres and our nervous system. The even sequences of sounds of continuous "monotony" have the ability to liberate us from tension, anger, and aggression. When these heavy feelings are resolved, we can dig deeper and calm down. That way, it's easier to find the space inside, so as to bring about the coordination that we need. 

The combination of Tibetan cymbals and crystal bowls is the perfect combination for harmony, as well as complete awareness, for our entire system. Since we also know that Tibetan gongs exhume all of the ancient knowledge that we have accumulated in our system, and that the crystal bowls mobilise and strengthen the Divine plan that we have come to bring about as higher beings, you come to understand the potential scope of this treatment and its significance. 

Crystal Bowls

They are made of 98% silicon quartz. The organs of our body on a cellular level are composed of silicon and the sound the bowls produce makes the body coordinate its own vibration with a healthier vibration frequency, that of the bowl.

The sound of a crystal bowl results in the adjusting of the frequency of the cerebral waves. It harmonizes the thinking and feeling of our thinnest systems. Same as our energy centres (chakras). The human body is composed of 87% water, which can delegate the vibration from the crystal bowl and pour it into our cells. Once there, the sound will help release memories and beliefs from the past that block us emotionally and thus physically.

Each internal organ and even our energy centre gains a steady vibration over time, which is usually not very smooth. For example, the liver according to Chinese medicine is where the body piles anger. When that feeling is strong, the liver is unable to remain healthy.

When we feel tension, stress and anxiety of any form, it’s usually piled up at the centre of the solar grid.

It is understood that the internal organs that are under its influence will be “invaded”. One of said organs will be the liver.

If our daily diet it is not balanced, the chemicals we consume through our food and alcohol will affect the liver that filters everything.

Therefore it is not difficult to realize how easily we can lose energy and physical balance.

The sound of a crystal bowl is a great way to change a situation of unconscious knowledge to a situation where the person substantially oscillates again, in their own vibration, which is their personal code of connection with the universe, where everything is rhythm and vibration. So, the crystal bowls balance the energy centres, break obstacles of various forms, act positively to the natural body, balance our hormonal system and relax the nervous system, and take vigorous action in our fluids, such as the decongestion of the lymph. The force of the push they give to everything they recognize as stale is spectacular. Their sound literally includes, passes through and penetrates all our levels.

So a shower of sound generally unblocks us in our entirety, releases the echo of the negative memories that have remained in our physical and spiritual bodies and continue to affects us throughout our existence.

Pain in humans is a condition that’s almost cellular. It starts from the first separation we experienced as souls arriving on the earth's field, but it is also a great gift to its more spiritually content form, which is the longing for reunification with the Divine.

The crystal bowls have a great way of accompanying this deep, visceral condition by destroying the constant internal pain that is now expressed in fear, loneliness and other feelings.

Their purpose is to shatter the obstacles that emerge, so that the person can move on to a feeling that they know the sense of, but is unknown to them mentally. They allow the expression of soul, that which we came on earth for. There are however clients that may respond intensely to a session, because of the emergence of stagnant areas that have been buried. There’s a lot to be released, even energy stains from the aura. That type of movement might cause feelings of denial, due to the fear of dealing with these situations. Effects may vary. They could even manifest as nuisance to the ear.

By arranging a series of crystal bowl sessions that last from 30' to 40' minutes, everything we have already mentioned is absorbed, thus reducing the therapeutic response. Everything is converted to light and is brought back to us, in a healthier, new vibration

Sound Therapy
Journeys of the Imagination

The journeys of the imagination are a great way to liberate yourself from the daily stress and blocked energy. They help you activate your creativity and your potential. With the deep relaxation that the combination of the crystal bowls, Tibetan cymbals and gongs can offer you, you can "dive" in the quietest core of your existence and from that place of tranquillity, let knowledge and truths that have always been there emerge.

During this musical journey, stories only made for you can be created, about anything you might want to work on internally. The wonderful combination of sound and speech will help you experience your vision, so that you will be able to make it a reality, get rid of the burden you might think you’re carrying, activate a part of yourself that you have trapped, in this life or another and so much more.

The experience of the ultimate peace and harmony is a fact.

Journeys of the Imagination
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