Healing Wand – A Sacred Magical Tool for Rituals

Paganism has been a path calling me ever since I can remember myself. I always felt the love and the gifts of the Goddess surrounding me and permeating me. For me, crystals in particular are Her senses. They are the way She sees, hears, smells and feels in general. Each gemstone, each mineral, depending on the special properties it carries, it represents one of the Goddess’ senses. I have been a crystal therapist for over 25 years and each time I have a healing session I perform it like a ritual. Every single time I request the healing aid of crystals, either for myself or for another person, I delve even deeper in the sacredness of a ritual.

This article has been an inspiration from the Goddess, from her caring nature and her wish to spread knowledge and love. My intention is to share a healing ritual designed specifically for the support of all those people who are visionaries. Having worked as an alternative healer I have realized that certain meridians are linked with specific chakras. In this article I explain how the liver meridian and the Third Eye chakra are linked, how they interact and how important their mutual support and cooperation are in order to bring balance, harmony and health throughout one’s system. I describe primarily the functions of a sacred tool, the healing stick, and I offer my personal experience from the rituals I have performed with it in order to acquire energy and strength in times when I desired to manifest a vision.

It is my firm belief that the gifts from the Goddess need to be spread and shared and for this reason I suggest certain ritual techniques to the readers, as a distillation of my knowledge and experience as a seeker and a healer, so that they can find support in their efforts to turn their visions into a magical reality. Magic needs to be incorporated in our daily lives so that we can experience holistic health. Human beings are magical creatures and they are a part of the universe. As long as they keep forgetting that magic is ultimately a healing modality, the disharmony petrifies inside the physical body, creating insurmountable problems.


The healing stick is a sacred magical tool, which can pierce the veils of all dimensions and levels. Thus, it holds within it magical as well as therapeutic properties. Cause and effect can be treated simultaneously, as the healing stick has the same penetrating power over both.

The healing stick is a very powerful tool, that gathers energy through the crystal ball at its end, which is the yin side. All universal information, along with all universal energies, are being accumulated in this crystal ball. The front end of the healing stick, which is usually a quartz crystal point, is the yang side. It is from this point that all energy manifests and is targeted towards where we wish to direct it. This crystal point expresses every piece of information that has been imprinted on the ball at the back of the healing stick. It is expression, it is movement, it is outward action. The ball is the “knowing” whereas the point is the “doing”. They constitute the inner and the outer, respectively. The ball represents the feminine and the womb, which contains whole galaxies, while the point is the masculine principle that leads to manifestation.

The main body of the healing stick usually bears gemstones representing the energy centers (chakras), but at the same time it is also associated with the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Its main body balances the yin (ball) and yang (point). It symbolizes the Tao, which is a Chinese concept signifying “way”, “path” or “principle”. The Tao, does not separate the yin and the yang, but it connects them within it through harmony. Likewise, the healing stick transforms these contrasting energies within its body. The energy is being transmuted inside the three parts of the healing stick. It is alchemized through the ball, which is the female principle carrying the whole universe. The healing stick’s body, the Tao, alchemizes the masculine and feminine, the universal and the earthly plain, the “above” and the “below”,  balancing thus all these qualities inside it.  The point, the masculine principle, makes the manifestation, and through it all return to the womb, since as with everything in nature, the healing stick’s energy moves in a circular motion.  Like Heraclitus said “Everything flows and nothing stays”. The more we study this magnificent magical tool, we will observe that it is an excellent example of this balance. It is a universal transformer, inside where all contradictions repose.

The healing stick is a sacred tool that will carry incredible information to our plain via a speechless language. As a very powerful tool of light it will instantly, and with no hesitation, ground whichever energy we ask for. This is why it is essential to establish a strong and, at the same time aetherial, connection with it. We need to recognize its distinct vibration in the energy field, as well as all the minor variations on its main vibration, because through these we can decipher the energy map of the person on which we are working on. The various grades of its energetic hue are Ariadne’s thread in the secret passages of the map, which is written with symbols of an unknown energy language. One can understand now how important it is to ultimately develop our subtle senses in order to grasp, through the pulse of the healing stick, what is happening to the physical body or a person’s energy, or even in a room. The healing stick is the lingam and the yoni together in cosmic union. Its feminine aspect, the womb, is the creatrix and gives life to everything. It breathes in the same rhythm with the breath of the universe. The male aspect is the one who claims on the outside, thus providing a pure and protected space for the female.

We know that any ailment starts from some kind of disharmony in the energy centers or in some other form of energy anatomy that completes us energetically, like the meridians. Allowing the healing stick to manifest its energy through its point on an energy center or on an acupuncture point, the crystal ball releases through the peak the universal energy that has been transformed in an appropriately absorbable material for the receiver. Then the body, having already been triggered by the energy, combines the energies from the chakras and the five elements. In order to be able to heal in this dimension, it is highly important that all chakras and all elements are balanced. This combination mobilizes a paramount quality, that of one’s mental maturity on the notion of health. It may seem a time-consuming process, but the healing stick works in speeds that the human mind cannot comprehend. Minerals, according to Alice Bailey, belong to the element of Fire (even though they are further classified under all elements), and this is why they have a direct transformative effect. Once again Heraclitus’ quote “Everything is modified with fire by thinning and thickening” leads us to a deeper understanding of this.


Sixth Center – Wood Element

Third Eye Energy Center – Liver Meridian

Our Third Eye is our inner vision. It is a portal which helps us penetrate the inner veils, letting us see things through our consciousness. At the same time it broadens horizons and allows us to see through clairvoyance worlds in other levels and dimensions. The Third Eye is the great visionary. Here lies one of the key points of connection with the liver, which is the organ that according to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), shapes and designs the vision. When the vision is blocked, both the Third Eye and the liver present problems. Anger appears in the liver, since without vision there is no space for meaningful development. The liver, which in the TCM is the general, loses its dignity. Apart from the anger that has built up, this also leads to authoritarianism, rigidity of thought and generally in situations that are out of control. At the same time, the Third Eye can display instances of vehement obsessions and delusions that lead to the creation of exaggerated scenarios and can culminate even to madness. Illusions could also be caused when the visionary is suppressed along with the need to understand the truth contained in one’s system. Both the Third Eye and the liver find expression through the eyes, because they represent the truth of pure vision which infuses the look, either internally or externally, with honesty.

There are certain gemstones, such as the peridot and the Herkimer diamond, that can have a positive impact on the imbalances of the liver and the Third Eye.


  • Clears accumulated anger
  • Softens cruelty in emotions of jealousy and anger
  • Helps grounding the high vision on a practical level
  • Allows a person to nourish itself from the universal energies as well as from personal relationships
  • Develops a sense of fullness and abundance by supporting the advancement of a sense of gratitude


Herkimer Diamond:

  • Grounds and diffuses the light in all levels and all dimensions
  • Can be placed on all energy centers and meridians in order to boost their energy
  • Facilitates the unobstructed and direct flow of Qi
  • Awakens the vision of the soul and the quest for light
  • It is generally a strengthening and refreshing mineral in all dimensions


I embarked on a healing journey for my liver, since I have always been a woman with a great need for vision and as a result the Wood element and the Third Eye were found, at certain instances in my life, in excess. I started experimenting with various alternative healing and energy techniques, which later on actually became an inspiration for my work as an author. Thus, I sought ways and methods to balance my Third Eye and my liver.

I sensed that both have a need for ritual, rhythm and balance so as to achieve harmony in my body and in my psyche. So, I designed a program based on self-love and discipline.

It is always my primary concern to take a ritual bath in water previously prepared and blessed with the qualities of green herbs suitable for the liver, such as dandelion, thistle and nettle. I also add to the water some drops of amethyst elixir which is excellent for the Third Eye. This ritual bath aids my energy system to move to another psychic process, where therapy can take place in an even deeper level. The surrounding room plays an important role to this whole process. This is why I light some candles and create quiet, in the outside as well as inside my mind so that all anger and worries are gone,  in order to be able to feel with all my senses the tension leaving my physical and my energy body and creating space for calmness, strength and determination.

Based on my experience, this ritual bath can take place before or after the healing stick treatment. If the bath is taken before, it makes the system more open to the energies of light and receptive to the process that will follow. If the bath is taken after the healing stick treatment, it will ensure to the “acceptance” of the ritualistic healing session and it will guide the psyche to a healing experience on all levels.


Following are the healing stick rituals. These can be performed on yourselves, or on other people as an energy treatment. Even working as a healer on another person, it comes naturally to set a ritual to help that person, to show the utmost  respect and to tend to that person’s needs, while recognizing the divinity within her / him.


First Healing Stick Ritual 

Hold the healing stick vertically over the body of the receiver and scan the whole liver meridian from acupuncture point 1 till the last one, which is point 14. I have always found it helpful to visualize green color emanating from the healing stick’s point. The liver is represented by the Wood and its color is green. Thus, the green color visualization helps the liver find harmony and balance.


Second Healing Stick Ritual

Place a small peridot stone, one on each eye, and a larger one on the liver. Also place a Herkimer diamond on the Third Eye. Scan the liver meridian like in the first ritual. If you feel that the eyes and the Third Eye require nourishment, make circular motions with the healing stick clockwise, whereas if you want to discharge them, use counter-clockwise circular motions. The liver usually suffers from excess, so the extra energy needs to be discharged. If this is the case, one must first start by removing blockages and negative energy and then proceed with activation and nourishment.


Third Healing Stick Ritual

First, purify the liver meridian with quick and short strokes with the healing stick, visualizing a yellow white light. Then, define with your pendulum which of the 14 acupuncture points you wish to nourish and direct there the energy by holding the healing stick over those points for a few minutes.


Fourth Healing Stick Ritual – Meditation for Third Eye Activation

Visualize the universe, this vast galactic space, and stabilize this picture in your mind. Hold for a few minutes your healing stick vertically with its point towards your Third Eye, not directly touching it, but maintaining a distance of just a few centimeters. Feel its energy penetrating into the Third Eye and nourishing it deep into its core. Visualize yourselves expanding into the universe, melting in it and becoming one with all the information and knowledge that it holds. Lower the healing stick, take a few deep breaths and slowly return to sensing the physical space around you.


Liver Healing Visualization

Sit comfortably in a quiet space and hold the point of the healing stick towards your liver. If you want, you can rest the arm holding the healing stick on your leg, to avoid getting tired and so that you may be completely relaxed. Visualize a quiet, green forest. Feel yourselves walking in it very relaxed, admiring the lush vegetation. If you are familiar with TCM and you can give a diagnosis to see if your liver is in a state of excess or deficiency and you can proceed with the visualization process choosing from the following variations. In TCM, Water is the mother of Wood. So if your liver needs nourishment, visualize a river with a stable and sweet flow running beside you along the path you are walking in the forest. If the element of Wood is in excess, visualize a peaceful fire in the forest, which will consume the wood, since Fire is the child of the Wood element.


Magical Use

The visionary’s archetype has a direct relationship with the Third Eye, as well as with the liver. Consequently, you might think of a vision you wish to manifest. When you find this vision and are certain that this is what you desire, anoint the healing stick with an essential oil that relates to the vibration of what you wish to call. If for example, you need greater spiritual growth you can anoint your magical tool with 1 to 2 drops of biological sandalwood essential oil. See your vision clearly in front of you, lift your healing stick and point towards your vision sending towards it a powerful blue and white light beam. Experience as much as possible the activation of your vision. Watch it being empowered and manifested in your life. Keep this picture in your mind as stable as possible and then lower your healing stick and relax. If you wish, you can repeat this technique daily for 21 days, feeling the actualization of your vision being instilled in your life.


Accompanying practices

It is of paramount importance to keep the space purified by creating a protective field with quartz crystals and work in it. Quartz crystals are marvelous creatures that protect me in all my rituals and define the sacred space of my work. When my ritual therapy ends, I always accompany it with contemplative quiet. It is also highly important to drink a tincture or tea with herbs quite beneficial for the liver, such as dandelion, thistle and nettle, and combine this with a mother tincture of amethyst, sugilite and kyanite. In all my years as a therapist I have found that the mother tincture penetrates all levels and gives immediate conversion.

May your path be bright with the help of the Goddess!


Shakila Ioanna Brati

Energy healer, Author, “Blossoming Goddess” Women’s Circle Coach

Article enriched with excerpts from my second book “Crystal Acupuncture”, currently being translated in English.


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